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With 7 decades of engineering excellence and industry-leading expertise, Moffett Automated Storage continues to pioneer innovation in the design and implementation of storage and material handling solutions with the development of the Moffett AS/R Taxi System. Clients across a range of sectors place their trust in us thanks to our automated approach to material handling; transforming operations, processes and productivity levels on an industrial scale.

About Us

7 Decades of Engineering Excellence

As founding partners in COMBILIFT and developers of the celebrated MOFFETT MOUNTY, our brand is synonymous with engineering innovation and general excellence in the material handling sector. Our experts combine mastery in mechanical engineering with the latest developments in software engineering, championing the Moffett family tradition of innovation in modern industry.



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Manufacturing & Supply Chain: Best Supply Chain Innovation 2022

Warehouse Planning

We work within your budgetary and operational requirements to design a bespoke solution for your warehouse; maximising available floor space, boosting efficiency and streamlining labour requirements. We can even retrofit our system to an existing warehouse.

Automated Storage

The innovative Moffett AS/R Taxi System prioritises health & safety whilst encouraging higher productivity rates, more economic consumption of materials, reduced factory lead time and significantly enhanced product quality.


As sectoral leaders in storage and material handling, we can attend your site and offer informed, data-driven consultancy services that are customised to your business, warehouse and operational processes.


Enhancing your storage efficiency

Providing fully certified and proven solutions, our range of automated systems guarantee significant improvements to the storage efficiency of your warehouse. We develop personalised solutions according to your requirements, enhancing and streamlining many of the most important elements of your automated pallet storage operation.

Boosted Capacity

High performance and meticulously designed systems allow us to achieve simplicity in the most complex of places, including large-scale warehousing sites. In all cases, Moffett Automated Storage believes in an efficient and precise approach to automation and warehouse planning, using the revolutionary Moffett AS/R Taxi System to maximise floor space and overall storage capacity.

Warehouse Safety

Our seamless integration of storage spaces, warehouse structures and management software prioritises the health and safety of your employees. Each project is designed according to the operational requirements of our clients, continually identifying means of improving health and safety in the workplace. Our safety-critical approach ensures that an automated warehouse is possible for anyone.

Industry Sectors

Years of direct experience and sectoral-leading knowledge has allowed Moffett Automated Storage to provide material handling and automated pallet storage expertise across a range of industries. Our client base continues to expand, with successful projects completed across sectors including automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, food & beverage, logistics & distribution and more.


Our technical excellence and commitment to a culture of innovation make us an authority on what we do. Choose Moffett and transform your storage operation today.

Warehouse Planning


Transforming efficiency using the Moffett AS/R Taxi System. We’ll show you how.

warehouse planning

Storage Design

Boosting productivity with meticulous design: it’s what we do.

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