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With 7 decades of engineering excellence, the Moffett name is synonymous with innovation, from designing solutions for palletised goods to facilitating international storage.

As a founding partner in COMBILIFT and having previously developed the MOFFETT MOUNTY, the Moffett name and tradition are synonymous with engineering and software innovation. Privately held and established by industry experts in 2017, we’ve been providing businesses across a range of sectors with material handling solutions that are data-driven, fully automated and bespoke to our clients’ requirements.

Unlike many storage and material handling providers, Moffett Automation offers an approach that is flexible, dynamic, and has built-in redundancy. Our pioneering of the multi-directional Moffett Taxi System is a testament to our commitment to innovation.

The Moffett Taxi System provides a total re-definition of the concept of a traditional shuttle in the form of an auto storage retrieval system.

Indeed, our systems’ optimisation process continues throughout the growth of our clients’ businesses, offering scalability throughout the lifetime of a project. Our success has been built on our reliable backup service, with our intuitive remote login system allowing us to view critical information; including data around heat sensors, motor deceleration and acceleration. We can even operate the system remotely from our premises, allowing us to relate to our client to quickly identify technical issues.

Our Expertise

Inventory Control with a minimum footprint

Here at Moffett Automation, we understand that tackling harmful emissions and reducing carbon footprints are major priorities for our clients. We’re pleased to provide a solution which allows total inventory control with minimum footprint, helping our customers oversee more efficient and more eco-friendly storage operations. Reduced power consumption and heat loss are only a few ways in which our automated storage system can transform your environmental impact.

Processing Reduction
Footfall Time Saved

Storage Solutions

Design &

We pride ourselves on the Moffett family tradition of innovation in design and manufacturing. We strive to revolutionise our industry, bringing together an industry-leading team of mechanical engineers, data scientists and in-house software developers, allowing us to take total ownership across all stages of the design & manufacturing process. Projects start with on-site visits, allowing us to design and build a system which is bespoke to your budget and operational requirements.

Identifying Inefficiencies

Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

When you work with Moffett, you can proceed with total confidence that our automated storage & retrieval systems will transform productivity, safety and efficiency across all stages of your warehousing operation. Our systems harness the power of data to continuously make the best use out of your vertical and floorspace, with our remote configuration allowing us to identify and resolve any issues in the unlikely event of a technical fault. With each project we commit ourselves too, we demonstrate that automation can offer solutions to a range of warehousing challenges.

Our People

Customers don’t just trust us thanks to our innovative and reliable automated storage systems. Customers also trust us thanks to the expertise, experience and skill of our team. We believe in investing in our people, bringing together some of the industry’s top talent to consistently deliver amazing results for our customers. We pride ourselves on the strength of our after-sales and customer support, with our team on-hand to resolve any issues within a 24-hour period. Client satisfaction is our core priority.


Sectors We Work With


and Beverage

Moffett’s automated storage systems are designed for temperatures as low as -25°C, making it an ideal cold storage solution for businesses within the food & beverage industry.

Warehouse, worker with a forklift in motion blur.

and Distribution

We transform logistics & distribution operations by optimising energy consumption and using the smart design of our racking to minimise travel distance.

Selection of automotive parts.


Our automated storage system harnesses the power of data to continuously optimise your warehouse, allowing your automotive business to operate productively and efficiently.

Directly above flat lay flat lay shot of various medical supplies. Full frame shot of medicines placed with syringes and diagnostic tools. All are on gray background.  Knolling concept.


When you choose Moffett, you can proceed in confidence that your medical storage environment is compliant and safety-conscious, allowing you to meet market demand with reduced overheads.



A storage solution for the manufacturing industry requires different racking that is suitable for a variety of bulky, heavy goods as well as the finished products.

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