The Moffett name is synonymous with innovation and success in warehousing and automated storage. We use our expertise to offer a consultative approach, conducting on-site visits to provide a personalised solution that fits.


Expert consultancy provided by industry pioneers

Here at Moffett, we understand that warehousing and storage operations can be highly complex environments with many challenges to consider. That’s why we’re proud to offer top-class consultancy services, using our years of industry-leading experience to help you get the very most out of your available pallet space. Our automated storage professionals are well-placed to provide a solution that caters to your operational, spatial and budgetary requirements.

HMI Interface


We aren’t a shelving or racking specialist. We’re experts in software-driven auto replenishment, offering an automated, safe and rapid movement of products and pallets on a global scale with top-class customer support.

Moffett Storage Planning


Our software is developed in-house by some of the industry’s leading talent, giving us total ownership of our system.

Moffett Planning


We’ll visit your site to make a series of planning recommendations, helping you get the most out of your space.

Moffett Support


Our support is unrivalled. We can operate the Moffett 4D Taxi remotely from our premises to identify & resolve issues.


Creating safe high density storage

The innovative Moffett Automated Storage pledges to increase and optimise your pallet spaces from day one. Whilst our multi-directional Moffett 4D Taxi can reach any row, any level at any time, the system fully integrates with your ERP system and production lines to create storage environments that increase efficiency, safety and productivity. We make the very most out of your floor-to-vertical space – because wasted space is a wasted resource.

Warehouse Design

Regardless of your sector of industry, our experienced team of fitters, mechanical engineers and software developers are on-hand to fundamentally rethink and readapt your warehouse design for greater efficiency and productivity.

Additional Capacity

Think you’re using your warehouse to the best of its potential? Think again. Our system harnesses the power of data to allow additional capacity, from floor to ceiling.

Faster and Safer

Human error and the likelihood of accidents are a significant cause of concern for today’s warehousing professionals. Our system removes the human element from the equation, leading to faster and safer warehousing operations.

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